PT Siger Jaya Abadi has conducted the CSR programs by developing a sustainable community programs around the area of the firm. Some programs are conducted regularly while others are conducted occasionally.

  • Building a Mosque

    As the majority of the people in the community near the firm area are Moslem, PT SJA built this mosque to provide a free facility for the community. 

  • Reward Programs

    PT Siger Jaya Abadi provides pilgrimage assistances and facilities to its staff as a reward for performing well at work. For example, for Muslim staffs who are performing well, PT Siger Jaya Abadi will give an opportunity for them to Umrah. The Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. Every year, PT Siger Jaya Abadi will continue to give this reward for performing employees. Every staff has a chance to get this opportunity as long as they are committed and perform well at work.

  • A Free Islamic School Program

    When developing a CSR program, PT Siger Jaya Abadi looks beyond what the community needs. As a requested by the community, we built a free Islamic school program for children in the rural area near the firm. This program is being held every evening in the mosque that we also built. We also provide the teachers and the teachers are also come from the same community.

  • Free Mass Circumcision Program

    This program is developed for the children in the community, where PT Siger Jaya Abadi provides free circumcision services for the children (boys) in the rural area near the firm.

  • Ied Al-Adha Celebration

    A package of meat is given by PT Siger Jaya Abadi for each worker and each family in the community during Ied Al-Adha. Ied Al-Adha is the day when Moslem people give free meat to the poor as a way of celebrating the day    

  • Donation For Thalassemia Foundation

    Every month, PT SJA donates money for the foundation in Semarang to help children who suffer from thalassemia.



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