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About Us

PT. Siger Jaya Abadi (SJA) was incorporated on the 26th August 2011, in Lampung, Sumatera, Indonesia. Initially, PT SJA produced pasteurized blue swimming crab meat (portunus sp.) which was exported to the United States.

In July 2013, SJA took a big leap to achieve its vision by purchasing land and factory facilities to manage its production more independently. This acquisition allowed the company to become bigger, stronger, and garnered more support and commitment from its stakeholders.

Our Distribution

Despite our largest market is USA, the demand for pasteurized crab meat from other countries is increasing

Crab Meat Processing

Several steps of our production techniques are implemented to create the standard international quality products.

The picking process is when the body meat is picked up and separated from the shell

The sorting process is when the crabmeat is separated from the shells, foreign, mushy mate, texture and others . The final sorting results in good products.

This is when the crabmeat is filled into the cans where it is also weighted, seamed and barcoded.
The process of filling the can is hand picked and handled piece by piece, and also with the utmost care.

With no preservatives or other chemical agents, crabmeat is pasteurized for a long term storage

Prepare the FG according to the composition of each type of meat into a refrigerated container with 0C

Our Certificate

Halal Certificate
from the Indonesian Council of Islamic Scholars

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
(HACCP) rated A

British Retail Consortium (BRC) on Global Standards
for Food Safety graded A

thing are good enough

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the species of the crab?

Blue swimming crab (portunus sp.). Click here for more information on the species.,

Are they cultivated?

No, they are not harvested from aquaculture. They are wildly caught. This what makes this crab premium.

What is pasteurization?

It is a process to heat food in a mild temperature to eliminate harmul pathogenic bacteria and inactivate spoilage organisms. Milks are commonly used pasteurization process.

How to differ it from sterilization?

Unlike pasteurization, sterilization process employs high temperature. The downside of such process is it will destroy the texture, taste, and aroma of the crab meat. It will suffer from nutrition loss too. However through pasteurization, the texture of the meat will remain intact, as well as the flavor and aroma too. The nutrition is well preserved.

How does pasteurization work?

The crab meat in 16-oz cans are heated in a water tank with a temperature ranging between 186.5o—187.5oF (85.8o – 86.4oC) within 145 minutes, then moved to a slurry ice tank at 32 oF (0 oC) within 155 minutes.

What is the packaging and weight?

Metal can with a nett weight at 16 oz /1 lbs / 454 g per can. However, we also produce in other packaging and weight, such as in pouch, upon buyer’s request.

What is the packing detail?

In 415 x 10 x 85 mm MC (Master Carton) containing 12 cans per MC.

Can I keep it in a room temperature?

No, because there will be living organisms active and this will create gas resulted bloated can. Please keep in mind that this is not a sterilized product.

How to store it?

The product must be stored in a temperature between 26.6o—37.4o F (-3o—3o C).

How long is the life shelf?

±18 months if unopened (see below can for the expiry month and year). However, it must be directly consummed all once opened.

Does the product use preservatives?

No. The product only contains food grade SAPP (sodium acid pyrophosphate) as much as 0.12 gram per lbs to retain color. It is classified as a raising agent, buffering agent, or sequestrant with EEC No. E450 (i), INS No. E450i, CAS No. 7758-16-9, and CAS No. 15.008.

Is the product 100% free from shells?

No, only virtually shell free. Please examine and remove any remaining shell priorly.

Is it safe to eat the product without cooking?

Yes, because it has been steam cooked. You can eat it without cooking it, for instance for cocktail with salad. All you should do is thaw or carefully reheat it to prevent toughness. You may also use it as a cooking ingredient or stuffing too, such as crab cakes, crab patty, and dipping. Overall, we are certified both BRC (British Retail Consortium) on Global Standards for food safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) rated A respectively.

Click below for more information on certificates.


BRC Certificate

Is it halal?

Yes, certainly. It has been certified by Indonesian Council of Islamic Scholars (MUI).

Click below for more information on certificate.

Halal Certificate

Can I order some samples?

Yes, you may purchase our products for sample purpose. Please ensure that you have obtained all requirements and permits to import.

What can I make from this?

Depending on the products, you have plenty options ranging from American, French, Italian, Oriental cuisines, even to spicy South East Asians and exotic mediterraneans. You can cook chinese noodles, dimsum, xiao long bao, shumai, roubao / baozi, harumaki, crab patty burger, fried rice (nasi goreng), samosa, spring rolls, cream croquette, sandwiches, cocktails, sauté, casseroles, stuffing, dips, fettuccine or any pasta, soups, gourmet crab cakes, toppings, quiche, crab imperial, crab salads, casseroles, spreads, dips, chowder, even to crab balls. Click here for more information on products and specifications.